Tips on How to Build a Freestanding Deck by Yourself

  1. Laying the Foundation

One of the most expedient ways of supporting the decking structure is to build a durable foundation with the use of a concrete. As a matter of fact, the deck frame will include vertical posts which measure 6×6 or 4×4. Each post must stand on a variety of concrete footing. In order to build a strong and durable footing which will support the entire structure’s weight, you need to pour the material into twelve-inch diameter cylindrical cardboard materials then place them into the holes dug with depth just enough to support the decking structure. 

A 3×3 feet pad composed of concrete is necessary for landing purposes, and must be fitted right underneath the staircase. You need to install your deck exactly according to plan, therefore, you should picture the proper position for the staircase to stand. Then, it is time for you to pour the concrete pad over the four-inch layer of gravel you’d prepared a while ago. The thickness of the concrete pad must measure anywhere between four to six inches. This is actually the most acceptable measurement suggested by the local safety codes thus, you must not take them for granted. 

  1. Time to Build the Posts

You must secure your posts to the bracket. That bracket is ideally anchored onto your footing. When the concrete is set, secure the bracket to the bolt with a nut. In addition to that, you must also make sure that the posts are attached to the bracket with the use of ordinary galvanized nails. Then, make sure that the posts are firm enough before you start to work on the deck frames to avoid total collapse. You may also want to check the firmness of the posts on a regular basis. 

  1. Assembling the Deck Frames of Your Structure and Making Them Stand

The deck is actually supported by ribbon joists or horizontal bands that are firmly fastened together with your posts at the right heights. If you are installing a huge deck, you will require cross beams in order to directly support the posts. The ribbon joists are assumed to run in the way which appears parallel to the structure’s dimensions. 

Decking usually comes in regular dimensions of 1.25 by 6 inches. Aside from that, the decking is basically fastened into the bolt with sixteen galvanized nails. If you want, you can buy decking screws, though it is not needed if you are just comfortable with galvanized nails. 

  1. Final Touches

Your deck requires to look finish after you have made it stand securely. Then, now is the time when you need to trim off the excess or protruding wood on the corners of your decking. To do it properly, you may need to draw a line as a guide for accurate cutting. You want also everything to look in good proportion and dimension. And lastly, you should pick dry straight boards without the presence of large knots. If you want to know more information about how to build a deck, contact a Charlotte deck maintenance service provider. 

Best Quality of a Roofing Company That You Need

When you have a roofing project waiting at the back of your schedule, you need professionals who can handle the job without any problems. If this is the case you should remember to do the best that you can about it too, without any problems at all. In order for you to find the right Spring roofing company you should do your research well.

It will be a lot of work but it will all be worth it in the end. This is a lot more important as you can do a lot more if you make sure of it. With a little effort you can take away more than you ever imagine that you can get out of the whole thing.


The first thing on the list should be the training of the staff that will generally work on the roofing project you have. You want people who are able to do the job well without any worry on your part. You don’t want accidents in the workplace or anything that will give you any sort of reason to stress out.

So, no matter what, always look for a staff that has the training to do the job safely and well. This led us to our next point the focus on safety.


You need to make sure that safety is prioritized by your people, this means that you need to make sure that things are well taken care of in a way that makes sure that none of you would get into trouble. It is important for you to remember that should be the first thing in every company’s mind.

There won’t be any rough housing in the workplace because it is something that will turn out into something better.


You want a company or even a staff that would be great for you. This means you want someone who will make sure that you are able to understand what is going on with you. It is something for you to work on and it is something that could become a lot problematic if you aren’t giving this some serious thought.


Although you have put safety as a priority in every project, you should also be realistic that accidents may happen. If this is the case, then you should make sure that you are prepared for it in the long run. You should never neglect this part because this may be the only thing that can help you in the long run.


You also want a quality warranty from the company, this will ensure that you will have a great project. The company will work hard to give you a pretty satisfying outcome of the project or they will be paying you in terms of warranty either return all your money, give your project a free fix among others.

When it comes to any home projects always go for the ones that you can benefit the most from.