Effective Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Friends

It’s unavoidable that sometimes, we lose the time or simply don’t have it, to spend with friends. From busy schedules to overtime in the office, we get tired and exhausted at the end of the day that we just want to get home as soon as possible. But sometimes, we need to remember that we have friends that might be in a need of comfort or support, or just want to see us.

Social life should be given importance. It’s not every day of every week that you’re working anyway, so why not spend some time with your friends? Here are some ways to effectively keep up with them.

1. Make it a routine practice

If you give much importance to keeping in touch with people, spend at least a couple of minutes to do it. If you keep doing it regularly, you get used to it and will find ways to contact your friends. They will get used to it as well and will respond to your calls or messages and future ones.

2. Use social media and plain old text messages

Social media is arguably the biggest tool people use to connect socially. Everyone has one or two social apps they use on the daily. Send your friends a message and ask them how they are. Engage in a conversation with them. Pictures that they post can also be a great way to start a dialogue.

3. Go to events

Don’t detain yourself at home. If you’re invited to a party, event, or any occasion, don’t pass up the opportunity to attend. You will definitely meet new people and might run into old acquaintances or colleagues. Who knows? They might even have something to offer you that might interest you. If you are going to another city, let your friends who live there know that you’ll be around. You may get a free coffee or tea date but most importantly, catch up with them.

4. Remember friends’ birthdays and special days

Not everyone gets this right. Either they forget the day, date, or month, or forget them all completely. Facebook, of course, gets this right. But it has become so typical that if you get a Facebook birthday greeting from a friend, you’ll feel like they only remembered because Facebook reminded them so. Although it still means a lot, getting a birthday or anniversary greeting through emails, text messages, calls, or personal greetings can be very special. Therefore, it is important to remember their birthday or other special days to make them know you didn’t forget them. This can also be a great way to keep in touch with them if you don’t always.

5. Offer help

Everyone feels glad when they are being offered help. Do the same thing for your friends. Even if you are only doing so to let them know that you’re always there for them, they will always appreciate the thoughtfulness. If you do help them and, in more ways, than one, they themselves will feel like they need to help you in return.

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